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Monday, May 9, 2011

Lucky Baldwin's

Let me preface this entry with a disclaimer: I LOVE Irish pubs. Maybe love isn't a strong enough word...I'm obsessed with them, I'm an Irish Pub stalker. Okay, there it is, now you know.

Lucky Baldwin's is a British Pub in Pasadena, CA. I am Irish (I mean, as much as an American four generations from the 'homeland' can be). And I have been to Ireland and am aware of the sentiment surrounding some aspects of England. My personal sentiment leans slightly in favor of Ireland (I'm sorry to all my Brit friends! Truly!). So, I was a little skeptical, just the tinniest bit (I feel so guilty!).

The very first time I went to this place was New Year's Eve. This was a good idea in theory, if everything had gone as planned. When does that happen? Our reservation for 7pm at the restaurant was delayed for two hours, it took another two hours to complete our meal. Well, 11pm on New Year's Eve in any city is not the best time to arrive at the local, tiny bar much less one on the Rose Parade route. Suffice it to say from there things didn't go well.

Undeterred we ventured back to the bar the next day. Best bar EVER! Wait, no that's not true but a solid top 10. Fantastic beer selection made up of amazing craft beers, local and international. They had some wine and some not so great beers for the less adventurous but beer and wine only (no G&T's at this place). They have a limited food menu, typical pub fare of fish and chips, curry and chips or just chips.

Great beer selection alone cannot make for a top 10 bar on my list. The real reason this bar gets top ranking though is Jimmy. Oh Jimmy! I heart you! A man behind a bar has a head start in the race for my heart anyway but add the fact that you are super cute, talkative and charged us very little for hours of eating and drinking. Yeah, that makes Lucky Baldwin's a Top 10.

1770 E Colorado
Pasadena, CA

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